Thursday, September 6, 2012


Recently i saw a post by Ingrid at Eyesnacks, who was inspired by Margo, both of them based in The Netherlands, both of them street combers. Let's back track, you know how i like taking photos of.. well just about everything (except me). Well, last weekend i imagined skipping into the garden, picking a colour co-ordinated assortment of fresh spring blooms and photographing them in a stylish manner.
I skipped to the back door and was faced with this:

Bit of a sad sight after 3 months of winter,  so there's
a whole other weekend working bee.
Then i remembered the street combers! So off i headed for a
walk around the block. Which seems very ordinary to me, but, if you're not from around here - this is a bit of what I see:
5 minutes around the corner I can see this view, the blue bit in the distance is Manly Beach.
The bush creeps up to many of the houses around here.
It's fairly tidy, fairly green.

Settled in the late 1940's the original details can be seen/found.

And so I began the "street combing"

collecting various bits + bobs. I returned home and tipped them out on the garden table.
I began photographing them (these are the iphone versions) in groups of similar colours.

This one i did cheat slightly adding the thread, but as you can see it did help it along rather well.

Then I thought, why not mix it up a little?

So there you have it: street combing around the neighbourhood.
It was a little tricky looking extra hard at the ground - which was very clean (which was of course appreciated)... but i enjoyed the surprise of what images were 'collaged'.
As there was no editing as i went.
So now i have a little plastic snap lock bag with me
just in case!


Tessa White said...

Love them, great colours x

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

They look great,Dudley Redhead!
It's addictive,isn't it:-)

xx Ingrid

Helen A Naylor said...

I enjoy every-thing you do, I really do and this is up there.
I hope you put a glove in that snap bag too.

Jenny said...

What fun! I didn't know it, but last week I was doing some "streetcombing" as well. Everything looks quite different here - lots of pine needles, acorns, and mossy bark. But pretty still. My only issue was that I kept wandering out into the middle of the street!

Kim Henkel said...

What lovely arranged bits and pieces! I love the compositions!


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