Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recap... part 1

A while ago i was over at art by Wiley and there i saw Jodi out and about sketching.. which was very inspiring.. she also mentioned this book..

I ordered myself a copy via fishpond or the book depository and flicked through the pages. What i found wasn't a how-to-book as such, but a collection of sketches from a round the world. There's a wee bit of advice on style and technique, but for me it's mainly a case of "wow! that's awesome, but totally out of my skill set", to "that's a great approach - i could try that". Maybe there's a touch of osmosis - that after 315 pages you think you're ready..

I hadn't done this sort of thing for years and years, usually for the reason that open spaces are pretty daunting -  what do you choose as the ideal subject? THEN i discovered the waterproof fineliner, and the mini water spray/spritzer. Although i have to confess the other element that had me turning a corner was ... a backpack! yep, once i got over striding off to work with slightly bigger bag - i realised it could accommodate a project!
so off i went one lunch time, 10 minutes to find said spot, 35 to sketch, 10 minutes to return.
This was the spot.

This was the 'urban' sketch... (cropped)

so guess i'd better find another spot with perhaps some people..
my choice wasn't that urban was it? But it was a start. 
That lunch time was also incredibly windy - the water flew out of my little palette...

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Art by Wiley said...

Thanks for the mention, Tara! I love what you did - it's quite amazing, especially in the time frame and weather conditions! You inspired me in turn, and I actually went out sketching again on the weekend!


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