Sunday, September 2, 2012

Printing time...

Last Sunday it was back to the shed for some quality time with my gelli plate.

This time i was just trying to get down as much as possible - without thinking too hard. Although having said that - my colour palate was fairly limited. I also wanted to try flouro green as an under colour..

Here i added a blue print on top of the dry green one.

I hand carved these rubber stamps, stamping once on the gelli plate, then getting
rid of the paint on another sheet.

This is just getting 'rid' of the paint from pressing the stamp onto the
paint covered gelli plate

I was a bit of a sight to see - especially when that Adele tune came on and
I realised i could use both hands to stamp. I started to speed up with the music..
Do you use sound to help your creative flow?
hhmm... maybe i'll prepare a small clip for you to laugh at soon...


Kim Henkel said...

I love the gelli prints! I just received my gelli plate in the mail...but no time to play with it right now (I am supposed to be cleaning the studio - BIG job)

Jenny said...

Oooh I had a big gelli plate day on Monday. So glad to see how you work with the stamps. Will try that next. I really get into a groove with mine as well. Might need to see you in action. Please film.


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