Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Out and about part 2...

Last weekend we ventured 'cross town to Newington Armory
which is on the river in Sydney and was previously occupied by the navy for 100 years.
The site has 100 heritage buildings making it ideal for a bit of photography/instagraming.

Shame i can't show you a bigger view - but it was definitely the details where the interest lay

The office was actually harbouring a kiosk, an ice cream
was ordered without delay.

Got a quick snap of the girl... right on track

The reason we went was to view "Operation art" a  selection of works by NSW school students in association with Westmead Children's Hospital. 
Miss R's being one of the selected.

Here's a couple i loved also:

I'm a sucker for type and texture...

Do you sometimes observe life through a viewfinder?

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