Sunday, September 2, 2012

Then and now..

If you follow me on instagram I'm dudleyred, you'll know i had Friday off.
You'll also be aware of my museum/gallery trip.
The company i work for lost a lot of people to voluntary redundancy - the climate has been quite intense, so i really appreciated being able to 'regroup' out and about.. here's a peek.

First stop: The Museum of Sydney's Homefront exhibition.
Looking at Sydney during World War II. (Now in it's last week - finishing Sept 9)
It was wonderfully curated, from the actual gasmasks, to archival film, to advertising, ration books and items from people's personal collections. There's even a wedding dress sewn from mosquito nets.
Really worth seeing if you haven't already.. and are in town.

I enjoyed sitting here a while and listening to music from the era while reading
a book on how to cook with rations.

A few handcrafted items were on display including this felt soldier.

Detail from a Margaret Preston painting.

I was so pleased that someone had designed something to please the kiddies..
a pop out spitfire! Happy to place that on my mantelpiece.

Then it was off down the road to the Museum of  Contemporary Art (MCA) for a look at some more Biennale.

This was a lovely (quite large) subtle piece collaged from tea stains... hmmmm

This was part of the mending project  - complete with table and someone "mending"  stuff.

This was captivating - 365 sculptures created from shredded Thai bank notes

A close up from the cabinet above.

Well it did the job nicely. Regrouped ready for the week.

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Jenny said...

Such wonderful pics. The WW2 images were interesting and different - such an interesting perspective rather than all old planes and army green. I think the tidbits about life at home are quite fascinating as well.
Were those giant rolls of painted paper? So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


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