Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A few snaps..

So the streets were pretty clean this week - not much to be had for the street comber. The garden however, had a lot of dry twigs and leaves. That lead to a bit of 'garden combing'

There was something about the sticks...

I was curious to 'document' a stick study as i used them as my found objects.
Then it went a little silly...

But why not do that with kids? - they can decorate or dress them and make them into their own characters or even self portraits. They will make me smile when i see them on my shelf...

Part of the curiosity here was to see just what i could do with 4 sticks!
Then i remembered i had 'film director' app and a tripod for my iphone - so i had to give it a quick go. Clearly my plot and editing need work. But hey, more fun to be had another weekend!

stick movie - Broadband from tara axford on Vimeo.

Out and about...

So do you have that feeling on a Friday night - where you are relieved it's the weekend and you have so many possibilities ahead for how you might spend your time? The projects, the experimenting, the creating - all the things you've been waiting all week to do?

Then Saturday morning arrives - you do a few chores - but then you can't really decide exactly which thing it is you want to start first? just what is it you have the energy for?
Perhaps then it's good to have a transition? Go out for a bit... last Saturday i found myself visiting a small gathering entitled "Eurofest". Essentially it was celebrating European cultures in Australia, but then there was a medieval angle and the fun of the fair too... (click on images for larger view).
I was reminded of my senior high school years when i loved taking photos of people, so yes, you've seen my images of textures, scenes and various inanimate objects - here's a little photo essay with some folk in it! (the guy in the bottom row centre was doing a roaring trade teaching the kids how to make wooden swords).

Sunday i popped down the road to Manly, there is an arts festival on and I am really enjoying the 3pm artist talks. Sadly they don't permit photography - but the exhibition featured, was a collaboration between 2 printmakers who had used historical sites (The Quarantine Station + Cockatoo Island) as a source to create their own artist books, one of which had circular pages. Nice.

For those of you not from these parts - above, top left is the Manly Art Gallery, bottom right is the view outside. As part of the festival a few artists were working away outside.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Street combing ... part 2

After admitting to the state of our backyard - i had to have a tidy up..

Phew! what a relief that was. Now it's all set for some Spring planting..

meanwhile - having 'collected' some ... rubbish, finds in my snap lock bag - i was ready for a few more street combed photo collages. Here's how it went:

Some pieces you just know to pick up, others, it's best not to think - just pick!
It's always surprising how they just evolve. It's actually much easier than arranging paper collage!

Out and about part 2...

Last weekend we ventured 'cross town to Newington Armory
which is on the river in Sydney and was previously occupied by the navy for 100 years.
The site has 100 heritage buildings making it ideal for a bit of photography/instagraming.

Shame i can't show you a bigger view - but it was definitely the details where the interest lay

The office was actually harbouring a kiosk, an ice cream
was ordered without delay.

Got a quick snap of the girl... right on track

The reason we went was to view "Operation art" a  selection of works by NSW school students in association with Westmead Children's Hospital. 
Miss R's being one of the selected.

Here's a couple i loved also:

I'm a sucker for type and texture...

Do you sometimes observe life through a viewfinder?

Out and about.. part 1

Finally Spring has sprung in the Southern Hemisphere. Hooray, as there is definitely something uplifting about coming out of winter isn't there? One of our major department stores (David Jones) adorns it's windows and ground floor with blooms - here's some snaps:

I quite liked this idea - a sniff station, a selection of 'notes' that are the key components used in the creation of a fragrance. You could walk around and sniff each cylinder to find your fancy.
It was amazing just how well the grassiness was captured here.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Recently i saw a post by Ingrid at Eyesnacks, who was inspired by Margo, both of them based in The Netherlands, both of them street combers. Let's back track, you know how i like taking photos of.. well just about everything (except me). Well, last weekend i imagined skipping into the garden, picking a colour co-ordinated assortment of fresh spring blooms and photographing them in a stylish manner.
I skipped to the back door and was faced with this:

Bit of a sad sight after 3 months of winter,  so there's
a whole other weekend working bee.
Then i remembered the street combers! So off i headed for a
walk around the block. Which seems very ordinary to me, but, if you're not from around here - this is a bit of what I see:
5 minutes around the corner I can see this view, the blue bit in the distance is Manly Beach.
The bush creeps up to many of the houses around here.
It's fairly tidy, fairly green.

Settled in the late 1940's the original details can be seen/found.

And so I began the "street combing"

collecting various bits + bobs. I returned home and tipped them out on the garden table.
I began photographing them (these are the iphone versions) in groups of similar colours.

This one i did cheat slightly adding the thread, but as you can see it did help it along rather well.

Then I thought, why not mix it up a little?

So there you have it: street combing around the neighbourhood.
It was a little tricky looking extra hard at the ground - which was very clean (which was of course appreciated)... but i enjoyed the surprise of what images were 'collaged'.
As there was no editing as i went.
So now i have a little plastic snap lock bag with me
just in case!


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