Sunday, August 12, 2012

STiCk at It...

Have you heard of Claudine Hellmuth? She's a collage artist,
she wrote this book..

Recently i discovered that she holds online classes over here.. (while i can't see any classes listed they are holding a free Festival of Big Ideas soon,
so why not check that out.
 I enrolled in Composition for Collage. Possibly i have had some experience in composition - having been a graphic designer for a few years. BUT! not only do i not need an excuse to do any sort of course, but well i didn't get to study art at uni - so always feel like i could do with some more learning!
Anyway... armed with various print outs and digital downloads form Etsy,
i went to the shed..

Funny how the idea in my head - was not what i ended up with at all.. As i looked around my desk i came across shots of textures i had taken on my iphone at Cockatoo Island a few weeks back.. They proved to be an excellent background. This week's exercise was looking at the 'horizon' within a composition..
This was what i ended up with.
Did you get away from it all - even if just mentally?


Jenny said...

This is so much fun. I love those vintage ads. And that little piece of texture at the bottom - just yummy. I included some of your gelli prints on my blog post today! Have a great one.

Kim Henkel said...

I too am excited to find your blog through our shared collaging course. I love your work it is beautiful. Thanks also for your comment on the piece I am working on there. I will try moving that centre ring, and see where it goes. I also love your post on making the gelli prints... I just ordered a gelli pad, and am excited about trying it.
I will return for a visit another day!


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