Sunday, August 12, 2012

Doing what you love?

That is something that Beth Nicholls appears to be very good at. Currently living in Kyoto, Beth is an 'adventurer, wanderer and seeker of knowledge and beauty'. She does indeed get up to some great stuff, has fabulous
e-courses and some great ideas. One of which was the stitched postcard swap.
Last week i started mine.. i was cutting out shapes from prints that i had done with my gelli plate.

the theme for the swap was "discover".
There is something about stepping stones. On one hand they symbolise so much, yet they are also unexpected and delightful -
if you ever come across them!
 A couple of years ago i was in Kyoto - on my way to a temple in Gion and..

I came across these stones - complete with a couple of friends chatting.
So beautiful.

Anyway, the postcard swap needed to have a stitched component, so... I took a deep breath and embellished...

The final image on it's way to my swap partner in Pennsylvania..

"Discover  the possibilities"
Have you ever come across stepping stones on your travels?


Helen A Naylor said...

I love the linking of this story as well as the finished art work.

Miek said...

I love your blog! This art work is just great!!


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