Thursday, August 9, 2012

close knit... community

Somewhere along your crafty travels, if you have wandered down the Australian textile trail you would have discovered clothfabric and the wonderful work of Julie Paterson.

painting available online at 

  All images © Julie Paterson

... and striking  homewares..
ANYWAY... Look!
Here she is with a lovely new shop set to open soon..

But Julie would love your help.. creating a little bit of craft heaven..

Can you craft a square, 20cm? or a strip 15cm x 50cm?
email julie@clothfabric .com

But hey, if you're not nearby you can still peruse her lovely shop here.
just quietly: there's even a sale on too....


grrl + dog said...

I see you are a fan of cloth too. Can't resist that place..

hey thanks for the info on busy bags - so there is a whole slew of tradition around it. Must google it.


Jenny said...

Wowee this place looks heavenly. Will visit online - thanks for introducing me!


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