Thursday, August 23, 2012

As time goes by...

...and the days fly... the weekend has gone..
last Sunday in a effort to downsize the contents of my bag i thought i would make an ipad case..

while i wanted something simple, embellishment is always nice.

or not. so unpicked. in this case - simple was best after all.

But as i sniffed my way through the last few days of winter, I really wanted to complete my assignment for this weeks Claudine Hellmuth's collage class. (go to The day was speeding past. "what if you only had a couple of hours?' i thought. "wouldn't you have to just make quicker decisions?" what if you had to stop and make dinner? would that interrupt the flow? Let's just see..

The focus was on creating a 'vignette' which i understand to be a group of objects that relate.
As i often find - the image i started with and had in my mind, was not this at all.
This piece is mainly just found papers from my desk, images i purchased as digital downloads on Etsy.
The type and colouring on her was added digitally.
Then we moved into the week..

there were those squares i promised cloth julie..

which reminded me, as various stressful situations occurred around me - how calming
the old casting on can be!

ThEn as i found myself with say half an hour and an iphone i played with WURM app

which sort of gives you these digi looking patterns, rather nice wallpaper backgrounds but then i 'fused' my patterns with other apps, like scratch cam..

As it's always nice to try and replicate old fashioned methods!
then it was back to work for the week..
but as luck would have it - tomorrow is Friday.
Have you scheduled any creative time up ahead?

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Jenny said...

So many things whirling through your head! I love the elephant ipad case. So cute. I've been thinking about whipping up something cute for mine.And a new app I must check out! fun!


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