Sunday, July 29, 2012

Workings from the shed...

A few weeks ago i mentioned that i had recently purchased a Gelli Arts Plate.
That is it in the image below - its a soft plate which can be inked up for mono printing. The appeal, is to 'press' objects onto it to create an impression, or lightly draw on it.

Here i was experimenting with a handcarved stamp. I then inked up the stamp and 
stamped on top of the print.

Same sort of thing here, experimenting with order, then just random overlaying..
 You can also paint on the plate itself, here i used acrylic block printing ink - with a bit of retarder to stop it drying so quickly. I enjoyed reusing the plate as the ink became less and less. It reminded me of inking up an etching plate - but oh! so much quicker (and far less messy!).
 I then cut up my samples and collaged a few bits together.
I found it hard to decide where to go next - so it was easier to scan it in and play some more in a digital way. A little bit cowardly - but i just needed to see options. How do you get around this?

I was happy with this, as it did remind me of the subtleties of etching. This is a hand carved rubber stamp on the gelli plate, some additional lines drawn with a piece of card, then stamp repeated on top.
It had just the right mix of ink, which i guess is why doing an edition is an art. But hey, this is indeed a mono print - as i couldn't get the exact effect again!
 A couple of collaged bits..

 With digital additions, bird?
or cat?

Not sure if I'll find the answers to this one -
meanwhile the experiment continues.


Jenny said...

These are so pretty and delicate. I love it! I have not had enough time with my gelli plate, but you keep inspiring me and giving me so many great ideas to try when I crack it out again. I just love the black and white. Very sophisticated looking. My prints still look a little muddly, but I need more time to play around.

Miek said...

Just so cool! Love it!


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