Sunday, July 1, 2012

What about..?

...If a found a leaf..

then copied it's texture onto some card.
then i scanned it in..?
added some line work?

I often doodle these sort of shapes.
What if i tried triangles? There's a lot around right now..

When i start, i often say to myself: "simple is good".
But then, i get all carried away.
How do you keep it simple?


Jenny said...

I love the way these look! How did you get the shapes on the paper? I can't tell from the photos... are they drawn with a marker? printed on the paper? Please tell. They look so cool. I think my fave is the triangular shaped thing. I also love the colors and texture of the background.

Art by Wiley said...

I love this! Love the colour and texture of the background and love your doodles. Nice to experiment like this isn't it? You never know what will happen!


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