Sunday, July 29, 2012

Out and about..

Today Mr R and i popped into town to see some more of the
Biennale of Sydney at the AGNSW.
I was a little disappointed that so much of it was viewed in low lighting - but i did have some 'highlights'. This whole room was a soft sculpture piece. The viewer was behind a 'viewing line' which made it even harder to see  that all objects were stitched from cloth..

Here is a close up of the door frame, with an even more close up of the 'peeling' paint, where you actually can see that it is stitched. Amazing work by artist Gao Rong.

Equally amazing were a row of paper shopping bags enclosed
in perspex containers

Exquisite work by Yuken Teruya, each bag housing it's own tree.
Somehow painstakingly created from the 'hole' in the bag.

This piece by a Colombian artist Juan Manuel Echavarria and is a lenticular print, which is like those postcards you could get of say, horses - standing still - then you tilt it, and the horse appears to run.
In this case the images are of NN graves (no names), but then as the viewer passes by names and flowers, or items become apparent.

I don't know about how you approach a visit to a gallery? I often don't try to make sense or understand why the work has been created, i just enjoy wandering amongst it happy to discover the unexpected.

Quite a few sketchbooks created from 'rollie books"
So tiny, and yet so detailed

The winter sun was soon disappeared, but i had some visuals to ponder.

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