Sunday, July 15, 2012

Out and about

Yesterday was almost a touch of Spring at around 19 degrees. Perfect for catching a free ferry across Sydney Harbour to Cockatoo Island
for the 18th Biennale.

Set in a former industrial space it is photographer heaven - all those gorgeous textures!
This piece echoed the machinery feel but
was constructed from polystyrene.

It was wonderful wandering in and out of the huge spaces - never quite sure what you were about to discover. This one (below) was our favourite by far. Completely engaging - designed by artist/Professor of Architecture Philip Beesley.

By allowing 'lines' to be touched the feathers then moved with slight vibrations.

The sensors enabled the lights to activate as people moved through the work.

This work is a 'hybrid of sculpture, engineering, experimental chemistry and architecture'. It illustrates 'the concept of hylozoism – the belief that all matter in the universe has a life of its own'. By creating  interactive environments that respond to the actions of the audience, Beesley has offered a vision of how buildings in the future might move, think and feel. 

This piece was also captivating - being a shipping container laser cut with lacework on site.
Watch artist Cal Lane in action here

Awesome lettering - or littering? It was my type of art.

We spent 4 hours there including lunch at the cocktail bar - think deck chairs on astro turf, a freshly squeezed grapefruit with gin, the sounds of George Benson and harbour views.

I'm sure there were a few things we mist.
now for the other venues...


grrl + dog said...

it's a very engaging space - looks like the day was perfect for it too..

Jenny said...

Oh my I would LOVE to experience this place! Reminds me of the space inside my grandparents very old barn.


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