Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot and bothered...

So, when i sat here last week - little did i know that the majority of the week would have me drifting in and out of sleep, trying to keep still - to avoid coughing. It wasn't serious, just a flu -
but enough to knock the wind from my sails. 

So i really appreciated a slow walk at Curl Curl yesterday in the Winter sun. How beautiful is that centre image of the water and rocks?

I wasn't it a long walk - but i was trying to see how many different greens
 i could find within the same area.

I'm a sucker for a texture too -
especially when they have the same tonal value.
It's amazing how you can feel quite low - the idea of bouncing back seems way too hard
but luckily i've nearly got my beans back, for that I'm grateful!


Tessa White said...

I love that walk along Curl Curl... beautiful headland x

Jenny said...

These photos are so beautiful. I also enjoyed the crinkled tissues on the floor and the pet pig roaming around. So cute. I am glad you are better.


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