Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Feel the texture...

I do love seeing a little texture on my travels ( i mean - just walking around, not anywhere especially exotic). You know the kind of thing... peeling paint, rust, decaying signage..
While at Cockatoo Island recently for the Sydney Biennale - it was hard to stroll past all that yummy, scrummy texture.. editing out little areas with my iphone i snapped away.

It's funny how things appear on your radar just when you need them. The universe can be handy like that, don't you find? I came across this:

Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley, is amazing. Gwen looks at mark making and how to convey texture and mood in embroidery and textile art. The book walks you through heaps of great examples, techniques and shows you great ideas.. like this...

The lefthand page shows a paper collage, with the stitched pieces of art on the right are created after zooming in on a section and 'translating it'
with thread, fabric and stitches.
I love this idea - suddenly all those shots of texture i have
could go somewhere! Be something! So i went back to the shed..

with printouts of my textures and started to mimic them..
Here's a couple of details of how that went..

I used wax crayons, distress inks, modelling compound,  acrylic paint.

I was looking at creating smaller pieces of texture -
which i then cut up and collaged together.
They would make great studies for larger abstract pieces..

It also occurred to me that i could even use the actual shots of texture too..
So i began a fabric piece... using iron on transfer to well, transfer the image.
i also used some crayons (recently discovered at the craft show), which blend and work on fabric.
I only just 'roughed' the pieces in here - but can't wait to spend a bit more time 'with Gwen',
then really get those stitches cranking!
Oh, the possibilities... thank you Universe. Thank you Gwen Hedley.

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Jenny said...

This piece is amazing. I love what you have done. I want to look at my farm trip photos and play around with this idea - you have totally inspired me yet again! Keep making more and show us!!!


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