Sunday, July 1, 2012

Experimental .. cont'd

Feeling like i'd been stuck in a cave for days ... i had to do something.
Keen to try more with the Gelli Plate (available in Australia here)  i found a few stamps i had made a while back. These are just shapes cut from a foam sheet, stuck on card and 'painted' with a little p.v.a to enable cleaning easier.

I mucked around printing with the plate and using the stamps directly.
I also used my new Distress inks to knock back/harmonise the white areas..
I lovely the happy accident printmaking effect of this.

That wooden block (top right) is a blending thing, underneath is a piece of velcro
with a piece of felt attached - this helps blend the inks - which stay wet while you work.
The ink gives depth and doesn't 'disturb' the acrylic paint.

These were just small little samples. I think it would be great to do a few so I could be less precious and  really just go for it - as the possibilities are so many - it's hard to know when to 'add' or 'taketh away!'


Jenny said...

After your blog post about Gelli printing, I couldn't hold out anymore. I had to buy a Gelli plate last week. I got an 8 x 10 plate. I have used it once and loved it! It was really addicting. I felt like I had to tear myself away and wanted to print everything in sight! Now I have a new thing to try! I have never created the foam stamps, but have the materials to make them... so this will be happening soon.

Lynda said...

Absolutely love what you did with your plate! Wow! Looks like more experimenting for me.

Anonymous said...

Are Gelli plates available in Australia now?

elenor said...

thanks for this really helpful tutorial and your clear description of how you made your stamps. I'm just beginning but I'm already addicted to this technique. And as many of these helpful items are not available here i have to make them myself - gelatine plate, stamps, stencils,... now I got a lot of ideas from you!
best wishes from Europe!

Kay said...

Can you use just inks on the pad??? Thanks, Kay


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