Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nature walk...

Yesterday 5 minutes walk down the road on the way back from coffee
- i found these banksias.
I plonked them down on a tea towel on the garden table, just before the rain set in. This was my instagram shot with lofi filter. Today as i was pasting a print out in my scrapbook i found myself carving stamps..

I scanned some inked with black into the computer and began experimenting....

A: It starts simple enough - then i get carried away

B: i kinda like the sketchy bit

C: where Banksia meet pineapple and hang out in an old holiday house,

One day, I'm going to learn how to do a repeat. AND one day, probably NOT the SAME day I'm going to upload something to Spoonflower.
Which did you think had legs A, B or C?


suzi poland said...

For me, it's B but i do like C. There's something realist but relaxed that you've captured that would look good in a spoonflower repeat. Good luck with it. ILove to hear how you go.

little said...

B! I like the sketchy too :)

kuber... said...

I think they all have legs but I particularly like C! I like those leaves the best!

Jenny said...

I am laughing because before I got to the bottom, I thought... Oh my gosh you need to get this printed onto fabric! You need to Spoonflower this! I LOVE this print and would like to cover my couch in it and make matching drapes! Yeah!

GeorgeDraws said...

Wow! Love it! Very inspiring :) Talk about finding the beauty in every day


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