Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finders Keepers 2012 June

Last night after work (Friday night) we headed off to the Finders Keepers Winter market
the vibe was chilled, in a good way. To see who was selling their stuff click here.
Overall it was indeed.. super cool

Check them out, they are a mobile emporium of desirable stationery, vintage collectables
and objects from around the globe.

I was tempted by "crafty" but foolishly (or just as well) i only had $20 cash
and the polenta + mushroom ragu with an ale won out!

I had 2 new favourite 'finds' which were definitely 'keepers'
firstly the amazingly talented Tracy from Gretelgirl

Her work was absolutely delightful,
and we thank her for flying in from Adelaide.

I couldn't resist these brooches
by Melbourne artist Wendyjune

What a perfect way to brighten a Winter's evening.


Helen A Naylor said...

This is such a great organisation. If only we had it up here. I am loving the plates and the broches. Were they each hand painted ? If so how much were they ? If not how on earth did they do that I wonder !
Thanks for sharing looks like it was super cool.

Oh no i have to try to read those silly words to post arrrrr here goes.

Jenny said...

wish I was there. those plates are fabulous.


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