Sunday, June 24, 2012


so i made it to 'the shed' yesterday to try out some of last weeks new additions to my art supplies.
i really wanted to get back there today - but suddenly i was spraying surfaces like a woman possessed when the dr told my husband he had flu. (yes, then i did/am having to play nurse a while).
But this is what happened before i came over all antibacterial..
My new geli plate ready to be imprinted

Using a plastic mould and the geli print 

testing overlaying colours + textures

overlaying the geli print and then just the mould

Adding my hand carved rubber stamps on top of 3 other layers

Adding some distress inks as well, this stitching is flouro lime - which
actually looks better than the scan

Cutting out the pattern from above and adding it to some paper that has been
distressed inked and printed on.

Distressed ink on paper, with alcohol inks as well!
i liked the 'print maker' kind of look to the background.

Mucking around with some felt tip pens i bought which let you blend them with water
oh, and some 'art bar' crayons, and distressed inks.
So what is your approach to trying out new stuff? I was getting a little confused with 'just go for it" versus "but what kind of look/feel" do i want. As you can see this is a mixed bag  - the more i keep experimenting - perhaps I'll find my feet? I so find all the options tricky - on one hand i like the simplicity, but then i keep adding and adding and 'what if i just do this?'.
Maybe next time i'll do several and keep the steps/out takes - so i can peruse the history.
What do you do?

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Jenny said...

I just love your experiments! This gelli print thing is something I don't know about. But after my latest trip to the art store, my wallet needs me to wait. I want to see more! So many of them look almost have a woodcut or pinting press look. Very cool. So sorry about the flu in your world. Take care!


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