Sunday, June 10, 2012

cold outside...

Winter continued this week, if you didn't see it on my facebook or instagram feeds this was seen one morning on my way to work.

Terrific winds in Sydney last week
left a umbrella graveyard in its wake.
After a couple of days of blue sky - the grey ones returned...

The shed as seen from our back door.
All a bit dishevelled.
Well one  way of coping with the weather is to stay inside,
and get out the Lego for me that it is!

It's good to find touches of  home when somewhere new

Because everyone should have a Monet moment

"puhleeeeeeese can we take him home?"

"Great view! the people look soooooo mini"

"Facebook friends DO count!"

Gerry just needed to believe in himself.


Jenny said...

I'm giggling at all your lego fun. Gotta show my kids later.

Yvonne said...

Why didn't I visit your blog before?? My bad! I'll be back, you're a font of inspiration :)


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