Monday, June 18, 2012

Beyond the allen key!

Sunday, the sun was out - but i was inside studying at the
"power tools for girls" course.
"There's a heap of tools under the house" said Mr R.
"Yep, that's why i'm learning how to use them" said me.
&company are a pop up workshop space in The Rocks, Sydney
Like a community shed with all the tools and well designed worksheets!

A 4 hour course - The Letterpress express

Anna Lise (designer/maker) showing us how to use a mitre box.

Fellow class mate using the drop saw

My planter box waiting for that almost final touch from the belt sander
Man! can that thing fly.

It was great ticking off all those power tools on the list.

Da daa!! my finished planter box cut from recycled timber pallets.
Now it just needs some lettering and a plant i think...

This is a great opportunity to learn skills for jewellery making, wax carving and casting,
letterpress or powertools. As Anna Lise explained "it's all about confidence"
Considering my last and only effort with a drill involved tightening an IKEA product
with an allen key, I'd say she's right.
Now for some kooky frames and display boxes...


Art by Wiley said...

Wow! What a fabulous idea. I would have loved to learn about the letterpress!

Julie said...

love that workshop! i bet you feel so empowered now :) (no pun intended. haha) and I am crazy about that flower box, too!

Jenny said...

How fun is this. I took a letterpress class last year and loved it, but of course now I want a letterpress machine which is definitely NOT in my budget. Power tools and carpentry are on my list along with welding. So many things to try... glad you had fun. make sure you post the other stuff you make.


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