Sunday, June 24, 2012


so i made it to 'the shed' yesterday to try out some of last weeks new additions to my art supplies.
i really wanted to get back there today - but suddenly i was spraying surfaces like a woman possessed when the dr told my husband he had flu. (yes, then i did/am having to play nurse a while).
But this is what happened before i came over all antibacterial..
My new geli plate ready to be imprinted

Using a plastic mould and the geli print 

testing overlaying colours + textures

overlaying the geli print and then just the mould

Adding my hand carved rubber stamps on top of 3 other layers

Adding some distress inks as well, this stitching is flouro lime - which
actually looks better than the scan

Cutting out the pattern from above and adding it to some paper that has been
distressed inked and printed on.

Distressed ink on paper, with alcohol inks as well!
i liked the 'print maker' kind of look to the background.

Mucking around with some felt tip pens i bought which let you blend them with water
oh, and some 'art bar' crayons, and distressed inks.
So what is your approach to trying out new stuff? I was getting a little confused with 'just go for it" versus "but what kind of look/feel" do i want. As you can see this is a mixed bag  - the more i keep experimenting - perhaps I'll find my feet? I so find all the options tricky - on one hand i like the simplicity, but then i keep adding and adding and 'what if i just do this?'.
Maybe next time i'll do several and keep the steps/out takes - so i can peruse the history.
What do you do?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beyond the allen key!

Sunday, the sun was out - but i was inside studying at the
"power tools for girls" course.
"There's a heap of tools under the house" said Mr R.
"Yep, that's why i'm learning how to use them" said me.
&company are a pop up workshop space in The Rocks, Sydney
Like a community shed with all the tools and well designed worksheets!

A 4 hour course - The Letterpress express

Anna Lise (designer/maker) showing us how to use a mitre box.

Fellow class mate using the drop saw

My planter box waiting for that almost final touch from the belt sander
Man! can that thing fly.

It was great ticking off all those power tools on the list.

Da daa!! my finished planter box cut from recycled timber pallets.
Now it just needs some lettering and a plant i think...

This is a great opportunity to learn skills for jewellery making, wax carving and casting,
letterpress or powertools. As Anna Lise explained "it's all about confidence"
Considering my last and only effort with a drill involved tightening an IKEA product
with an allen key, I'd say she's right.
Now for some kooky frames and display boxes...

Out and about.. day 1

It was a grey, wet Sydney Saturday - which was ok as i was heading off to the craft and quilt fair.
I put in a solid effort of quite a few hours, here's a few pics.
The amazing world of Leoni Prior's tea cosies, check out her blog here.

Leoni's Devilish

Forest bloom

Carmen Miranda

The quilts were of course mind blowing, with their complex levels of detail.

Sweet inspiration to be seen everywhere

Authentic 1920's dresses on display by the Cavalcade History & fashion Group.

a quick monoprint
I finished off the afternoon by doing a monoprint workshop with uniquestitching. This is using a brand new product: the geli plate. Inking up the flexible gelatin we imprinted moulded plates and stencils to experiment with some quick monoprinting.
So... maybe i picked up some new supplies, and just maybe i'm itching to get to the shed!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

cold outside...

Winter continued this week, if you didn't see it on my facebook or instagram feeds this was seen one morning on my way to work.

Terrific winds in Sydney last week
left a umbrella graveyard in its wake.
After a couple of days of blue sky - the grey ones returned...

The shed as seen from our back door.
All a bit dishevelled.
Well one  way of coping with the weather is to stay inside,
and get out the Lego for me that it is!

It's good to find touches of  home when somewhere new

Because everyone should have a Monet moment

"puhleeeeeeese can we take him home?"

"Great view! the people look soooooo mini"

"Facebook friends DO count!"

Gerry just needed to believe in himself.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nature walk...

Yesterday 5 minutes walk down the road on the way back from coffee
- i found these banksias.
I plonked them down on a tea towel on the garden table, just before the rain set in. This was my instagram shot with lofi filter. Today as i was pasting a print out in my scrapbook i found myself carving stamps..

I scanned some inked with black into the computer and began experimenting....

A: It starts simple enough - then i get carried away

B: i kinda like the sketchy bit

C: where Banksia meet pineapple and hang out in an old holiday house,

One day, I'm going to learn how to do a repeat. AND one day, probably NOT the SAME day I'm going to upload something to Spoonflower.
Which did you think had legs A, B or C?

Let's do the Polka

In progress...
Thanks Nora for leaving a comment on my blog and showing
me Daily Paintworks.
A current challenge is polka dots. That seemed like something to explore
on a rainy Sunday afternoon in the shed.

The lamp & bottle were collaged from old josh papers that i found on my shelf. They added a nice metallic look. Sadly the original flouro
did not translate when scanned, which was a shame.
However - it was fantastic just to get back to
Did you?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finders Keepers 2012 June

Last night after work (Friday night) we headed off to the Finders Keepers Winter market
the vibe was chilled, in a good way. To see who was selling their stuff click here.
Overall it was indeed.. super cool

Check them out, they are a mobile emporium of desirable stationery, vintage collectables
and objects from around the globe.

I was tempted by "crafty" but foolishly (or just as well) i only had $20 cash
and the polenta + mushroom ragu with an ale won out!

I had 2 new favourite 'finds' which were definitely 'keepers'
firstly the amazingly talented Tracy from Gretelgirl

Her work was absolutely delightful,
and we thank her for flying in from Adelaide.

I couldn't resist these brooches
by Melbourne artist Wendyjune

What a perfect way to brighten a Winter's evening.

blocks of colour

May, was basically 4 dry weeks of blue sky, obviously that had to end.
Luckily last week saw a bit of colour relief..

As part of the Let's Play Lego Festival (on throughout 2012)
these Lego posters (made from Lego, not printed)
are on display in Sydney's Macquarie st.
Of course I had the iphone out immediately...

by fashion designers Romance Was Born

collage of found works, top left is Adriano Zumbo! sweet.

lovely little scenes

OMG! there i am, in FRONT of the lens!


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