Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A day in the (my) life...

A few weeks ago i began an e-course with illustrator Stephanie Levy see her blog here. The title of the course is 'creative courage'. Why sign up you ask? Well, why not? I say.
So far it's been great - there's been interviews, new people to meet and plenty to ponder. While Stephanie is in Paris this week as part of her "12 countries in 12 months tour" she encouraged us to have an adventure too. Discover something new, play tourist in your own town.
So even though i have been commuting from home to office everyday for a number of years i decided to photographically record one day. Here it is:

From the suburbs to the city... 3 bridges i cross

Love Sydney architecture - the old details...

... and the new.

Our office is near some old wharves.

The wharves lead to Pyrmont Bay

As I head home, I watch the light fade -
as i join the commuter queue, once more.


Art by Wiley said...

Wow! I love this. And I love the way you've put together the collages. Great 'tour'!

Jennifer :: The Blissful Brush said...

Love all those photos Tara. The scenes are so familiar to me. You are a fantastic photographer! And love the layouts too. x


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