Sunday, May 27, 2012

a week gone by..

Keen as i am on a bit of iphone photography - here's what i saw last week:

a few lunch time snaps. winter equals great shadows.

sheep in the city at 8am! dudes in a shop window

a late afternoon walk at Shelley Beach.
some of these you may have seen on dudleyred at instagram.
Have a great week - and remember
there's always time to 'snap' a shot.

Open for business..

After launching my new iphoneography zine at last week's Sydney Zine Fair, it's now available as a digital download here. yay! It's got heaps of great how-to's, tips, info + links. It's 16 pages which means a little expensive to print + post. BUT with the wonders of modern living you can access it (and save dollars) in your space pretty much right away. No dog-eared zine on your door step, no way!

paint something?

so by now you maybe across 'draw something' app BUT wait.. have you heard of finger draw?
Ok, so it is an individual pursuit - but hey look at the possibilities...

via cool hunting
For the full post go here. But what you need to know is that these are iportraits, (not mine - the  amazing work of Sao Paulo artist Roberto Lautert ) created of course on an iphone! Indeed.
So I downloaded it right away.
One lunch time i ventured outside..

it was pretty bright.. read hard to see tiny screen.. but i decided to embrace the naive.

clearly i have a loooooong way to go! but hey for those of you that can paint - consider the possibilities!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zine Fair wrap up...

Inevitably the day of the zine fair arrived. I packed my trolley, boarded the ferry and headed off to the MCA.
Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art
Fellow zinesters arrived and the set up and the excitement began...

I did a quick circuit and took some snaps...

There was lots of energy and a steady crowd, thanks to everyone that 
dropped by at Dudley Redhead

One of my new favourite discoveries was James
and his Little Fish zines, inspired writing.

To see more head to maybe next week and my life as a magazine
both did some stella reportage... Thanks guys!
So, as i go back to something i prepared earlier ... stay tuned..

iphoneography zine available on Etsy soon!
As  my new zines -including the all new iphoneography
will be uploaded to my etsy store soon.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

fold over, and over again

It's officially one week to go - to the Sydney Zine Fair. I've got new zines which i'm excited about and a few old favourites. If you are in Sydney next Sunday pop by and say hi!


Mothers day began not with tea in bed but on the soccer field, but that's ok as I'd planned an excursion for one later.
I took myself down to 'regeneration' a contemporary quilt textile exhibition at Manly Art Gallery. For more info see here
Unfortunately photography was not permitted, but 5 artists spoke about their work. A talking exhibition makes such a difference! It's on until June 3 if you are in Sydney. A lot of the works use digital imagery - which had my mind racing with possibility..

Tourist in my town part 2

Tuesdays seem like a good day for Tourist in my town trips (alliteration and all). Particularly nice to get out at lunch time if the weather is good..
Here's what I found last week...
Forever looking at the details.. I do like 'combining' my trip images using pic frame app.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A day in the (my) life...

A few weeks ago i began an e-course with illustrator Stephanie Levy see her blog here. The title of the course is 'creative courage'. Why sign up you ask? Well, why not? I say.
So far it's been great - there's been interviews, new people to meet and plenty to ponder. While Stephanie is in Paris this week as part of her "12 countries in 12 months tour" she encouraged us to have an adventure too. Discover something new, play tourist in your own town.
So even though i have been commuting from home to office everyday for a number of years i decided to photographically record one day. Here it is:

From the suburbs to the city... 3 bridges i cross

Love Sydney architecture - the old details...

... and the new.

Our office is near some old wharves.

The wharves lead to Pyrmont Bay

As I head home, I watch the light fade -
as i join the commuter queue, once more.


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