Saturday, April 14, 2012

out and about

Hello, so if you are following me on instagram (dudleyred)
you'll know that i'm a) on holiday, b) went to check out the newly opened MCA.

The old bit is still there, but now they have a fancy new entrance that announces "yes! we are a contemporary art gallery"

couldn't resist an instagram snapshot

we started with a coffee at the top, on the new roof top terrace, great view
and I'm sure they'll iron out hitches in the service.. we then meandered
back down through the 4 levels of galleries..

This is a detail from a larger space, I didn't want to reveal it all here
as i enjoyed entering the room myself.

Not that a gallery needs to be 'on trend' but this detail seemed very...
 errr ...contemporary...

This piece 'shell worked slippers' by Esme Timbery was getting lots of photographic attention..
and easy to see why

So finishing at the entrance - we saved the best to last..

We wandered into the viewing of Christian Marclay's: The Clock.
Have you heard about it? Millions of pieces of film spliced together, each scene features a time piece.
THEN you realise that not only is the time advancing in the 'movie' BUT
it is also synchronised with the actual real time.
Strangely compelling!

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