Sunday, April 1, 2012

out and about.. pt 1

If you follow me on instagram (i am dudleyred) you would know that i had a super Saturday.. out and about.. sometimes you just have to get off 'the grid'. Mr R and i ventured over to Koskela, finally!
Their motto: " Follow your heart, trust your judgement, do it with joy" is evident in their new Sydney showroom. As we wandered around the furniture, accessories, gallery space..

It was a visual feast... thankfully we could take sustenance at the 'sanctuary' that is Kitchen by Mike.

I was relieved to be served quickly and find a seat, something that can be tricky when Sydney shows off something new. I left impressed, happy with my handprinted 'rain drop?' Harvest textile pillowcases..

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Down that Little Lane said...

Tried to find you on instagram... Didn't show up?.. Pics look fab x


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