Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ocean about...

Last Sunday the family and i ventured into town to check out..
Remembering Titanic 100 years at the Maritime museum

Highlights included: some of the costumes from the James Cameron movie, photos of the survivors and a cross section of the ship with a mirror behind it - so you could see an illustration of what was on each deck. Another exhibition: The Fish in Australian Art was also on.

I really loved this work by John Bracks from 1957 (detail), the fish were actually
painted flouro - so on trend.
forgot to caption this one (eek!) but did love the simplicity.
Overall the two exhibitions made for a pleasant Sunday arvo visit.. just before we headed down the South Coast for a couple of days...

Taken around 4pm with iphone,  using camera+ app.
The weather had it's moments, so just as well i had a few art supplies on hand.. and could set up on the kitchen table... (one of the benefits of not camping!)

Inspired by the fish exhibition i sketched up a zine...

Save the date! Sunday May 20, ZINE FAIR at the MCA, Sydney...

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Jenny said...

Your fishy zine is so adorable. I cannot wait to be done working for a while and play around with zines. You are so inspiring. I only have one more month of work and then I'm off for two months.


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