Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easy as ABC? oh, and D.

I'm not sure how it all began, exactly. But the lovely Lisa and Steph have been organising the ABCD (artists, bloggers, crafters and designers) meetups for over a year now. (They are in Sydney and Brisbane and have facebook pages). This time they excelled themselves..

Not only did they organise the whole thing
(on a Saturday afternoon, in pub location).
They created atmosphere via some lovely decorations too!
The 'goodie' bags are always a hit. Once everyone rsvp'd (optional goodie bag), those attending provide a something that is perhaps indicative of the work/thing that they do.
So for 27 attendees, you bring along 26 bits.
Here's a small selection of what was in this month's:

am looking forward to making my own "red thread bird pillow"

There were plenty of pics taken.. so they should be
coming up via Bondville soon.


Bec said...

It looks like a delightful afternoon and what a great goodie bag too.

Jenny said...

Oh this looks so wonderful. I want that goodie bag.

Steph Bond Hutkin (Bondville) said...

So great to see you Tara, thanks for taking these great pics!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics of a fab afternoon!

Steph and Carlos said...

Wonderful pictures and can't wait to do it all again!!

Xo Steph


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