Sunday, March 18, 2012

out and about..

Saturday morning i  headed to the Powerhouse Museum to do a 'craft punk' screen printing workshop..

the idea was to bring in existing garments and re fashion them - using various patterns and images..
hhhhmmm.. you can take the graphic designer out of the studio, but.... well it's hard to get into the head space with someone else's choice of imagery and colours..  But it was great to get out and learn some techniques..

like the unpredictability of applying foil.. which i applied to my t-shirt here, after screen printing the camera..

then went as 'random' as possible and used the 'wavy line' screen, overprinted the 'spot' screen and added some unpredictable foil circles..
I guess the best bit was that after a speedy 2 hours we could take in 'Love Lace"
it's on for another 12 months - but definitely worth checking out. If you're not in Sydney check out the website for a peek.. and also to see who created theses amazing pieces seen below..

this featured free motion machine embroidery on silk, organza + mesh.

titled "steeped in memory" this was one of my favourites.

the shadows here were just as appealing as the artwork itself..

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