Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ending this month is the fabulous Picasso exhibition at the AGNSW, Nellie thought it would be a great idea to all do a Picasso inspired still life.

Luckily Dudley had a ukulele and a bit of a guitar on hand. I find it helps to take a photo of the scene and reduce it to 2D - then all you have to do is render it! You can even trace your own pic - you created it after all..

First i slapped on a bit of dark and light paint onto a bit of wood i found lying around..

I was trying to copy my photo - but then added more continuous black line work..
I had to attack the dark background with a bit of sandpaper.. to show up the lines..
I wanted to try a cardboard collage too - but time ran away and this was all i managed..

quite like the colour combo...

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