Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Nellie..

Hello, how was your week? Not too soggy i hope..
Yesterday i managed to plan some quality 'shed time' to work on my Nellie No Friends workshop - week 3 challenge. 'Notions of everyday: Buttons" was this weeks project.
Don't you think there is something about those old-fashioned button cards? Don't you wonder who purchased them and what they had in mind..
So i decided to create my own, I wanted them to communicate something about well, me.
I reached for the sculpey, clay and the good old shrinky dink!

This is how it ended up:

Guess it's hard to take the graphic designer out of the artist!

The clay piece is a "pause" button (something we all need every now and then). A sculpey flip flop (very Australian),  a Sydney Ferry, gratuitous cute items: robot + cat (they seem to feature in my work a lot), clay leaf with little bits of foliage from the garden + painted to look a bit retro...
Such fun!

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