Sunday, March 11, 2012

the festival of the birthday..

If you've just popped in you may not be aware that i have twins, who turned 14 this week.
When celebrations were suggested one wanted two friends over for a sushi platter and all night gaming session.. yes, that would be my son. The other suggested a 1950s picnic down at the dam. Thankfully the rain cleared and it went well..

Isn't she gorgeous?
.. all the friends dressed up too.. (although styled by Miss R herself)..

once they had checked each other out, some photos had been snapped, they all reverted back to regular Aussie teens and swam and ate, and ate and ate some more.
That's me done for a while..

1 comment:

pepper said...

Oh what fun!
I didn't know you had twins, My twin sister and I just celebrated our birthday too, and I have serious party envy!
Pepper x


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