Sunday, March 18, 2012

round the hood...

Miss R is doing a school art project on "Suburbia". Seemed like the perfect excuse for a Sunday stroll around the neighbourhood. While i lent her my camera - i was happy 'instagramming' away (i'm Dudleyred if you ever want to see). Here are a few of my shots...

it's interesting what you find when you 'slowdown' in the streets you walk in all the time. Then just take a tiny viewfinder (and perhaps a cool filter - such as on instagram!) and voila! A mini photo essay that captures a time and place..

out and about..

Saturday morning i  headed to the Powerhouse Museum to do a 'craft punk' screen printing workshop..

the idea was to bring in existing garments and re fashion them - using various patterns and images..
hhhhmmm.. you can take the graphic designer out of the studio, but.... well it's hard to get into the head space with someone else's choice of imagery and colours..  But it was great to get out and learn some techniques..

like the unpredictability of applying foil.. which i applied to my t-shirt here, after screen printing the camera..

then went as 'random' as possible and used the 'wavy line' screen, overprinted the 'spot' screen and added some unpredictable foil circles..
I guess the best bit was that after a speedy 2 hours we could take in 'Love Lace"
it's on for another 12 months - but definitely worth checking out. If you're not in Sydney check out the website for a peek.. and also to see who created theses amazing pieces seen below..

this featured free motion machine embroidery on silk, organza + mesh.

titled "steeped in memory" this was one of my favourites.

the shadows here were just as appealing as the artwork itself..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"I say doilies, you say Doyleys?'

Well actually i say doilies! i seem to have a few..
so into the stash i went and amongst doing a few other things like working full time, doing a workshop and all that other general life stuff..(moan, moan) I made some "domesti-cats". They are wearing doillie aprons and have little vintage stools to sit on if they feel like it.

Their apron ties read: {domesticate: attached to home and family}

 You can see them in person and see other great works with doilies at
Gleaners inc, 2 Ballarat St, Brunswick from Fri 16th

the kittty's will be happy you dropped by... they are looking for homes.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ending this month is the fabulous Picasso exhibition at the AGNSW, Nellie thought it would be a great idea to all do a Picasso inspired still life.

Luckily Dudley had a ukulele and a bit of a guitar on hand. I find it helps to take a photo of the scene and reduce it to 2D - then all you have to do is render it! You can even trace your own pic - you created it after all..

First i slapped on a bit of dark and light paint onto a bit of wood i found lying around..

I was trying to copy my photo - but then added more continuous black line work..
I had to attack the dark background with a bit of sandpaper.. to show up the lines..
I wanted to try a cardboard collage too - but time ran away and this was all i managed..

quite like the colour combo...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Op shop treasure..

Loving my latest op shop shirt..
A super 'vintage' find, yes?
at first i was hesitant at the $19 price tag ... but now i think it was a gem indeed..

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Nellie..

Hello, how was your week? Not too soggy i hope..
Yesterday i managed to plan some quality 'shed time' to work on my Nellie No Friends workshop - week 3 challenge. 'Notions of everyday: Buttons" was this weeks project.
Don't you think there is something about those old-fashioned button cards? Don't you wonder who purchased them and what they had in mind..
So i decided to create my own, I wanted them to communicate something about well, me.
I reached for the sculpey, clay and the good old shrinky dink!

This is how it ended up:

Guess it's hard to take the graphic designer out of the artist!

The clay piece is a "pause" button (something we all need every now and then). A sculpey flip flop (very Australian),  a Sydney Ferry, gratuitous cute items: robot + cat (they seem to feature in my work a lot), clay leaf with little bits of foliage from the garden + painted to look a bit retro...
Such fun!


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