Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time spent at Nellies....

This weekend i did week one of Nellie No friends.

The project was 'my sample self'.

I have never really done a self portrait - but hey, i thought it a nice way to introduce ourselves to each other. I began with a snap shot, then used 'sketch me' app to create a simplified line drawing.

The next part was to select 5 colours, the paint swatch department always a joy to visit.

After admiring Lucky Jackson's work (see last week's post) i was inspired to stitch myself..

Part 2 of the challenge was to design a pattern using those colours. In one corner of my mind i imagined a lovely ordered digital graphic piece. But then after a week on the computer at work - i couldn't wait to get to the shed and get out the inks..

This happened first - it getting more complicated as i went (which usually seems to happen).
But i also did this one - which i rapidly finished off when i had to 'pack up'.

I really love this sort of thing digitally printed on  silk and whipped up into a shift dress.. Hmm, maybe i can order a swatch on Spoonflower or something???

This was how my 'sample self' finished up.


katiecrackernuts said...

You're too clever. Hand-stitched, or did you put it through one of those whiz-bang embroidery machines?

Lucky Jackson said...

I love this! I love all the mixed elements. It's Gorgeous!


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