Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hobart Holiday last day - part 2..

Headed for the historic town of Richmond (about 30 minutes out of Hobart in the direction of the airport).
Really quaint little village - a touch English-ey and more of what what you expect Tasmania to be like..
I was surprised at how dry and brown it was (driving around), although admittedly i only saw a very small part.

I was secretly hoping we'd make it to Old Hobart Town, a model village depicting life in Hobart in the 1820's. I didn't know if Mr Redhead would be as enthused. Luckily he was.

You can actually see the whole model village as you 'exit through the gift shop' but as you peer over the little hedges you can get relatively up close and enjoy the historic record and also the model making.
THEN if you have instagram with tilt shift effect you can really enjoy yourself!

Obviously this is the same view as above shot..

Of course i really appreciated that they let me take photographs - as there is something about creating your own souvenirs. Also when sightseeing it can all become a bit of a blur - so it's great to go back and relive the memories..

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Jenny said...

So cute. I want to walk in. And you are right, you have just created your own hip souvenir. must remember. so easy to get distracted by finding the restroom or getting a snack when the kiddos are along.


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