Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hanging out with Nellie ... week 2

This week's challenge for the Nellie No Friends workshop was to create a postcard print. Inspired by the blog Things organized neatly, have you seen it? Quite relaxing really, selecting a handful of objects and arranging them 'just so'.
We were set a seek and find list of items that needed to be included. One was to be an object associated with childhood. The little Pride Flour men are salt and pepper shakers that i used to admire on the shelf in my nan's kitchen a loooooooong time ago, I'm lucky to have them on my shelf now!

I experimented with different backgrounds and slightly different arrangements.

taken with my Sony a390
Then i decided to use my iphone 4S too..

iphone shot, then 'apped' with snapseed.
I liked the softness of this Sony version

But really liked this one with the iphone then put through photo toaster..
..a bit of stitching and taa daa!
makes a nice little gift card..  a small fun project, did you fit in any projects this weekend?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Penny Black

Remember when i was doing this project: The Penny Black Stamp..
well you can find out more..

But also if you are in Hobart you can pop along to The Market and see an exhibition of round 2 of the Penny Black Project. I think The Market sounds fantastic too..
check out their look book here
What a creative town that Hobart is!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time spent at Nellies....

This weekend i did week one of Nellie No friends.

The project was 'my sample self'.

I have never really done a self portrait - but hey, i thought it a nice way to introduce ourselves to each other. I began with a snap shot, then used 'sketch me' app to create a simplified line drawing.

The next part was to select 5 colours, the paint swatch department always a joy to visit.

After admiring Lucky Jackson's work (see last week's post) i was inspired to stitch myself..

Part 2 of the challenge was to design a pattern using those colours. In one corner of my mind i imagined a lovely ordered digital graphic piece. But then after a week on the computer at work - i couldn't wait to get to the shed and get out the inks..

This happened first - it getting more complicated as i went (which usually seems to happen).
But i also did this one - which i rapidly finished off when i had to 'pack up'.

I really love this sort of thing digitally printed on  silk and whipped up into a shift dress.. Hmm, maybe i can order a swatch on Spoonflower or something???

This was how my 'sample self' finished up.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aaaah, needle & thread..

So yes, was away last weekend which means it's been at least 2 weeks since i did anything creative. Man, was i feeling twitchy..  guess what i needed was some 'stitchy'!
Somehow or other i have been following the AMAAAAZING work of 'lucky jackson'. Who appears to be stitching something fabulous every day over at 365 Lucky days..

images via 365 Luckydays

so how chuffed was i when i saw that she had released this 'polaroid love' here as a pattern.
i had to get my hands on one and try it out..

I love the idea of sketching with stitches.. i actually used freezer paper to 'stick' a piece of fabric to a surface so i could put it through my inkjet printer. This gave me 'Lucky's' line work to follow - all i had to do was get stitching.
And voila!

now to work on my own sketches...

Hobart Holiday last day - part 2..

Headed for the historic town of Richmond (about 30 minutes out of Hobart in the direction of the airport).
Really quaint little village - a touch English-ey and more of what what you expect Tasmania to be like..
I was surprised at how dry and brown it was (driving around), although admittedly i only saw a very small part.

I was secretly hoping we'd make it to Old Hobart Town, a model village depicting life in Hobart in the 1820's. I didn't know if Mr Redhead would be as enthused. Luckily he was.

You can actually see the whole model village as you 'exit through the gift shop' but as you peer over the little hedges you can get relatively up close and enjoy the historic record and also the model making.
THEN if you have instagram with tilt shift effect you can really enjoy yourself!

Obviously this is the same view as above shot..

Of course i really appreciated that they let me take photographs - as there is something about creating your own souvenirs. Also when sightseeing it can all become a bit of a blur - so it's great to go back and relive the memories..

Hobart holiday - last day.. Part one

Just so we have closure on last weekend - i thought i'd update the final day of our trip.
I posted the other ones 'live' from my mobile. Yes, i was being in the moment whilst there. But there is always 10 minutes here and there when travelling when not much is really going on. Plus it saves doing it all later! So to recap - last Monday morning as everyone headed back to work we headed to Battery Point (5 minutes up the hill from Hobart's Salamanca place)..

We had cycled past here on Friday - and Jackman & Mc Ross Bakery caught my eye then.. with its  little bit of an Anglo/Europe feel. THEN i realised it was on my list of places to go.

Such an assortment - surprisingly all made, all ready to go. Which is just as well as this place packs in really fast..

 I had the caramelised onion, goats cheese + spinach tart, with a little chocolate brioche for sustenance on the go.. one of my Hobart highlights for sure.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday drive...

Time for some nature.. 90 minutes inland from Hobart is the Tahune airwalk. Walk amongst the giants (treetops), and enjoy the view from the cantilever platform & suspension bridges .. Salmon sandwich at the cafe not bad either.

Weekend wandering part 2

Saturday afternoon we headed down the river to MONA, (museum of old and new art). Which is a very apt title .. Since one minute you are wandering around contemporary installations, the next viewing ancient Eyptian artifacts.
Two things to consider, one: buy tickets including ferry passes in advance. As we only just made the 1.30 ferry due to a late cancellation .
Two: give yourself a few hours if the weather is nice, to enjoy a rooftop bean bag.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend wanderings.. Part one..

Woke up to glorious clear skies and headed down to the famous Salamanca market.. The usual mix of handmade, imported and locally crafted: ie objects from wood. What was slightly different was the amazing quality of local produce.. Rustically displayed.. Hiked up the hill to pigeonhole cafe for brunch. Not a crumb for the birds left..

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy (mini holiday) to me!

Landed in Hobart (2hrs flight from Syd) at 2pm. Picked up a free 'art bike' from the Tas art gallery and had a look around.. Loved what I saw.. More on
Instagram at dudleyred

Where am I? Where am I going?

Hmmmm. Grey skies, little delay.
Will let u know.. Clue: apples.


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