Sunday, January 1, 2012

time to stitch...

Do you come across things and think to yourself: 'Yes! i want to do that.." Well that was my reaction when reading the Nov/Dec issue of cloth paper scissors magazine. A reader challenge: create a fabric postcard. Immediately i tapped this into my 'reminders' on my phone.. (where number 6 appears to be: read before i go to sleep...hmmm.. maybe i've been hacked by the 13 y.o's? or maybe i did actually need a reminder!) Anyway! I cut up some strips and wove them..

Greetings from Australia: fabric postcard.

added a wee bit of stitching... thought about type, but then decided to keep it simple..
Here's the 'unfiltered' version

When creating this i tried to visualise it a little before i began.. but with no luck. It's interesting just watching the materials take on a life of their own isn't it? Has that happened to you?

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