Sunday, January 15, 2012


As the summer holidays continue for some (ie: my kids), some of us went back to work..
which means waiting for the weekend to catch up on things..

Like the Sketchbook 2012 project. Thankfully a smaller size book than last year. I chose the theme 'time traveller'. I started off considering various 'concepts', but now i just want to travel to the other side..

These are my 70's and 80's 'inspired pages...

On one hand i'm glad to have completed another spread - on the other i keep thinking..'but i want to do something clever, something really good'.. I don't think i've got there yet.. Do you have that conflict?
just wanting to dive in and see what happens, versus: if i don't plan it - it won't be good.

Over summer i have enjoyed several things: sitting at my desk, viewing lots of overseas mags on my ipad (NOT at my desk) via zinio (this lets you have latest issues at bargain prices). THEN printing out screen grabs (2 per postcard size).. on my inkjet printer to stick up as inspiration at my desk...

Then there's been the occasional trip out...

Always time for a quick iphone snap.. these flowers were on the side of a driveway at my Mother-in-law's new retirement village.. cost a pretty penny in the shops!

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