Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nellie No friends...

Last week i decided i needed to find a short course to do.
I couldn't find the right one.. so i'm creating my own..

Huh? Sign up by February 6. Send me your name and email to dudley.redhead[at]
To do what? to spend 5 weeks doing a 'class' - do it in your own time as long as you upload something each week.
what kinda things will we do? small mixed media art projects. The project will be set. Guidelines provided. A brief outline will be emailed once you join up.
Will it cost anything? Nuh, in the spirit of creating a community - i will provide the 'space' courtesy of flickr.
Why should i do it? Well it gives you the chance to have a class to 'go' to each week. You may learn something. You may meet others - as Nellie would like to!
When will it start? Sunday 12th February

Any questions?

ps: Dudley will be there.


Jenny said...

I'm in! Will sign up shortly!

mandy said...

Me too. I wanna make art and friends. Hi Jenny!


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