Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bye bye: Sketchbook Project 2012

Sorry i missed you last weekend.. I was flat out finishing off my contribution to: The Sketchbook project 2012. I guess it's a little bit journal - little bit sketchbook. The guys over at Arthouse co-op based in Brooklyn have some cool ideas. Creating a library compiled of sketchbooks from around the world is one of them.. from April 2012 the 'library' will tour the world...
There were various themes to choose from, mine is:

here are a few pages, of course the natural place to start was the inclusion of the tardis:

....Then i moved onto Ancient Japan, wondering about the idea of adding a touch from the future.
(the wheel that is).

A fan of texture that i am, a little (altered) Shakespeare seemed to fit in too.
So hooray for finishing it I say!!
I've got some ideas for what to do next...and you can pop in too.. Stay tuned..

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Jenny said...

This looks just wonderful. Must feel so fabulous to be done and mailed! Congratulations.


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