Sunday, January 1, 2012

App year?

Have you heard of snapseed? a photographic app, that lets you do oodles more with your iphoneography.
At the moment it's free. Developed by creators of digital software it lets you enhance your shots in many ways. Snapseed gives you control over brightness, saturation + contrast etc - but also a range of vintage effects and 'drama' control. Basically you just need to have a go..
Here's my first couple of swipes at it:

straight from the 4s

after a few minutes on snapseed
And another:
with 4s, natural light, late afternoon

same shot, snapseed filter

There's heaps of flexibility within the app - so you don't have to go so heavy.. every aspect can be 'dialed' back in strength..
Yes, there's a lot of photography apps out there - but i think this might be in my new top 3..

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Yes, I have been loving snapseed too! It's too nifty isn't it! Especially for us buggers who like to fiddle! xx


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