Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A little bit of sorting

Do you have a handbag that doesn't quite work in ALL ways?
As in it works with your lifestyle, but then it feels like Hermoine Grangers bag in Deathly Hallows every time you reach to the bottom you think you may just pull out a tent?
Well, obviously there is only so much a mere muggle can do. Like crafting a new make up pouch aaaannnnd a matching pocket to hold those wayward tissues ... Love having those scraps on hand.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nellie No friends...

Last week i decided i needed to find a short course to do.
I couldn't find the right one.. so i'm creating my own..

Huh? Sign up by February 6. Send me your name and email to dudley.redhead[at]gmail.com
To do what? to spend 5 weeks doing a 'class' - do it in your own time as long as you upload something each week.
what kinda things will we do? small mixed media art projects. The project will be set. Guidelines provided. A brief outline will be emailed once you join up.
Will it cost anything? Nuh, in the spirit of creating a community - i will provide the 'space' courtesy of flickr.
Why should i do it? Well it gives you the chance to have a class to 'go' to each week. You may learn something. You may meet others - as Nellie would like to!
When will it start? Sunday 12th February

Any questions?

ps: Dudley will be there.

That was January?

What did i do today?
Printed out one of my 'still lifes' attached a downloadable calendar - and voila!
I'm ready for February... are you?
Actually, I don't know what that means - perhaps the start of something new?
Yes! that's it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bye bye: Sketchbook Project 2012

Sorry i missed you last weekend.. I was flat out finishing off my contribution to: The Sketchbook project 2012. I guess it's a little bit journal - little bit sketchbook. The guys over at Arthouse co-op based in Brooklyn have some cool ideas. Creating a library compiled of sketchbooks from around the world is one of them.. from April 2012 the 'library' will tour the world...
There were various themes to choose from, mine is:

here are a few pages, of course the natural place to start was the inclusion of the tardis:

....Then i moved onto Ancient Japan, wondering about the idea of adding a touch from the future.
(the wheel that is).

A fan of texture that i am, a little (altered) Shakespeare seemed to fit in too.
So hooray for finishing it I say!!
I've got some ideas for what to do next...and you can pop in too.. Stay tuned..

Boys town

Over the summer holidays the boys around the house had the power tools out.  The boys were busy building 'the den'. This is a compact 3m by 1.5m (approx) space under our dining room. They bolted in a floor, sound proofed the ceiling, painted it.

THEN in went the toys ... including an actual rear car seat .. and THE stand, for THE wheel..

today we had a bit of mother and son time.. these were my wheels of choice..

which i had to race around the streets of London.. the boy helped me out. Isn't he sweet?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Summer reading

This was my holiday reading of choice. Murakami is one of my favourite authors. BUT, at 900 pages! this was a chore. I love his creativity, his parallel worlds, his descriptions of everyday Japanese life - BUT not this much. Had it been 'tightened' somewhat to about 500 pages i think i would have enjoyed it more.
So i am glad to have made it through to the other side of that one..

Then this arrived:

I hadn't heard of Australian blogger Oliver Dupon of Dossier37.tumblr.com, but then he probably hasn't heard of me either. But thankfully he has made it his job to check out over 70 artisans from all over the world and bring them together in one place.

I don't know about you - but give me pictures of folk in their sheds/studios/workshops/homes and stuff they've made and i'm all warm and fuzzy. Tell you why i like it: 300 pages of loveliness, great quality pics, little blurb on each to read, websites to go explore more  AND there's lots of new faces,. This book is your portal to talented bunch who want to share what they've been up to - but not in that braggy kind of way...


As the summer holidays continue for some (ie: my kids), some of us went back to work..
which means waiting for the weekend to catch up on things..

Like the Sketchbook 2012 project. Thankfully a smaller size book than last year. I chose the theme 'time traveller'. I started off considering various 'concepts', but now i just want to travel to the other side..

These are my 70's and 80's 'inspired pages...

On one hand i'm glad to have completed another spread - on the other i keep thinking..'but i want to do something clever, something really good'.. I don't think i've got there yet.. Do you have that conflict?
just wanting to dive in and see what happens, versus: if i don't plan it - it won't be good.

Over summer i have enjoyed several things: sitting at my desk, viewing lots of overseas mags on my ipad (NOT at my desk) via zinio (this lets you have latest issues at bargain prices). THEN printing out screen grabs (2 per postcard size).. on my inkjet printer to stick up as inspiration at my desk...

Then there's been the occasional trip out...

Always time for a quick iphone snap.. these flowers were on the side of a driveway at my Mother-in-law's new retirement village.. cost a pretty penny in the shops!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

App happy..new year?

Have you heard of snapseed? a photographic app, that lets you do oodles more with your iphoneography.
At the moment it's free. Developed by creators of digital software it lets you enhance your shots in many ways. Snapseed gives you control over brightness, saturation + contrast etc - but also a range of vintage effects and 'drama' control. Basically you just need to have a go..
Here's my first couple of swipes at it:

straight from the 4s

after a few minutes on snapseed
And another:
with 4s, natural light, late afternoon

same shot, snapseed filter

There's heaps of flexibility within the app - so you don't have to go so heavy.. every aspect can be 'dialed' back in strength..
Yes, there's a lot of photography apps out there - but i think this might be in my new top 3..

time to stitch...

Do you come across things and think to yourself: 'Yes! i want to do that.." Well that was my reaction when reading the Nov/Dec issue of cloth paper scissors magazine. A reader challenge: create a fabric postcard. Immediately i tapped this into my 'reminders' on my phone.. (where number 6 appears to be: read before i go to sleep...hmmm.. maybe i've been hacked by the 13 y.o's? or maybe i did actually need a reminder!) Anyway! I cut up some strips and wove them..

Greetings from Australia: fabric postcard.

added a wee bit of stitching... thought about type, but then decided to keep it simple..
Here's the 'unfiltered' version

When creating this i tried to visualise it a little before i began.. but with no luck. It's interesting just watching the materials take on a life of their own isn't it? Has that happened to you?

Hello January...!

Happy New Year! Quite obviously the first thing we need is a calendar..
lets' look around and see what we have..

oh yes, that'll make a nice pic - test it with the iphone perhaps..

print it out on canvas paper via an inkjet printer, grab a bit of masking tape + a free printable calendar month ... and voila! the month ahead...

So that was Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you..

Everyone seemed to keep their cool in our house.. keeping their excitement under control..

If you follow dudleyred on instagram, you'll know i cooked our Christmas dinner for 7.. the local butcher was offering turkey 'buffet' (ie: no bones etc) stuffed with fig and pistachio - very lovely indeed.. I did cook it Christmas Eve as we had a little party..

The last few years (let's say all 13) have been more about the kids, but this year my pile of presents was looking very attractive.. (the family even threatening to hold a couple back for my birthday!)

my daughter gave me this lovely bowl that she had made in art class..
while my son had sought out some lego mini figures - that i have since had time to play with..

oh - then i had to play with them moving

so, do you do that thing where a family member says "what would you like for Christmas?"
and you agree to swap the same amount of money - then choose your own gift.. Here's what my sister 'bought' me..

you can order your very own (she let's you design your own phrase) through the lovely doe c doe here.


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