Sunday, December 18, 2011

morning walk

So Sunday morning. Our kids are nearly 14, (yes, twins - in case you've just popped in). I tell you that so you can appreciate that the house is fairly quiet in the mornings, particularly on a weekend. That means i have time to get up have a read, and contemplate the day - which is lovely. Sometimes i can even venture out for a walk and still make it back before they emerge. (Yes, there was lots of groaning - by us in those early years -up at those early hours). But now.. I'm out walking.. playground free...

the hour i spend each way commuting to work each day, is well worth the 10 minute drive to the beach on weekends. The iphone is such a handy item to have, don't you find? As i wandered around and took 4 'random' shots, i returned home to see they fitted perfectly side by side.

And while wandering around was pleasant enough, i find taking 'snap shots' makes me feel like i've 'done something, but also forces me to stop and pause for a moment. To appreciate something or think about it - just for a little bit. As these days it's so easy to let everything 'scroll' on by isn't it?

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