Sunday, December 4, 2011

break it down.. break it down..

So this time of year is made slightly more manageable by breaking down all the tasks into little chunks..
this weekend was my decoration chunk. Last year i did 'eco' sprayed silver garden twigs. Miss R declared that was a 'fail' due to nowhere to 'put the presents under'. So this year i started again. Let's face it - tree technology has come along (much like the prams now available) in the last 13 years... I quite liked this new fashioned plastic.. sadly my 13 year old lights were also not up to scratch. "really, this is all you have left?" i asked the man at the local hardware shop. How can tree lights be all gone by Dec 3? Did i miss something? Clearly i did.
Anyway, i decided that i would have to cope with the coloured LED rather than white, positive that i couldn't live with ALL blue. (These ones have about 7 modes)
THEN i cut up some of the doilies that appear to have amassed in the shed and stitched them with the flouro thread i was (st)itching to use. Polli's Christmas garland added a nice fresh touch.
There was much talk about where the tree would be positioned.. this time it's in the kitchen - the wall behind it is a sliding wall - so we can also enjoy it from the lounge room.. versatile.

Meanwhile.. the backroom - needed a different feel - i added some paper balls to last years 'pouffy' white ones..
and added some super little felt balls to the tree (which usually sits on the sideboard)..
How cute is this melting snowman? A little bit of putty and plastic add ons and watch him melt..
So that went reasonably well... now for the weather - as today was wet and windy - not that summer light at all... how are your 'chunks' going?


katiecrackernuts said...

Looks great. Now, where did you find paper balls? My mum hung those fold out paper balls, along with bells, I think, when I was a kid. They were my favourite decoration. I haven't seen them for sale. Wherever did you find them?

Jenny said...

Love the paper and poofy balls. I need higher ceilings, as we would all get our heads wound up in them. So fun to see everyone's decorations. My husband insists on white lights, but I grew up with multi-colored and I miss them! So fun!

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