Saturday, December 17, 2011

And the bead goes on..

last weekend i had my 'beady' little eyes on some fimo.. i sat at this desk for errr.. several hours..

i rolled.. and rolled...
and baked.. all i had was some black cord..

after a few days my chain arrived... and i could do more..

human bead machine that i was... then it was back to work for those last 5 days of the year..

Now. It's holidays.. I reacquainted myself with the couch for a bit.. which was lovely..
hope you're ready to embrace the festive season with open arms..


Jenny said...

Love your yummy beads. I could get into trouble with the fimo too. But I will resist. I've got 4 more days until my holiday. Cannot wait to break free from the routine and lay around like crazy! Looking forward to seeing your latest fimo bead creations.

Robi Awaludin said...

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