Sunday, November 13, 2011

out and about.. continues

Well, let's face it. There's times where i'm not leaving the shed for anyone, and then there's times when there are cultural bounties galore. (probably not a sentence).
These last few weeks have been that exactly.. this weekend kicked off with an invite to the media opening of the Picasso exhibition. WOW! 150 pieces from the 5000 works. Prolific is an understatement. Altho possibly here was a man who didn't need to do the washing, shopping or commute several hours a week. Yes, clearly he was genius, but that's a lot of hours honing one's masterful skill...anyway! that's what this exhibition is:
a collection of masterpieces (from Picasso at 12 years old!). I must say i did experience a few adrenalin rushes as i wandered (reasonably quickly) in and out of the 10 rooms..
The AGNSW has re designed it's space and done an excellent job. I was completely transported. So simple, yet perfect was the framing, the space, the lighting - that just for those moments i could have been in Paris. Aaaaaah.
For the first time ever the gallery are also doing staggered ticketing. So, plan your trip now..

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