Sunday, November 20, 2011

little bit of painting...

So if you've visited here lately you'll know i've been out and about. Which is great - all that inspiration.
BUT, what happens after a busy week at the office ... unwinding for the weekend. You try and have a little idea of what creative project you might embark on. You try just venturing into the shed to see what you might do. You begin by painting backgrounds.. this was the third one - a small bit of wood i found painted brown.
So i covered it in blue and sandpapered it a little.

i was thinking in my head: simple collage.. perhaps abstract or simple shapes.. I painted it green..

i like a bit of light sanding and scraping with a scalpel in between. Shoes! i was thinking..clothes! (but that was because i had just seen Bill Cunningham's New York, last night which was truly inspirational)...

simple line work, i thought.

But yes! collage was the aim, so let's stick with that i thought..

add more i thought..

Well. Not what i wanted to paint at all. It was pleasant enough, but just when i could've tossed that aside - having got that out of my system it was time to do something else, ie: dinner.
Part of me wanted to do a wash over the top, or hack at it, or something. Or, just move on.
Does this happen to you?
if this was a case of the work taking over - maybe I should've interfered more?
OR, maybe it was just a warm up? Guess i won't know. Oh well, back to work in the morning..


Jenny said...

How funny... I crashed at home after a week of work too and found myself painting, layering, and sanding too! I even used lots of the same colors (the blues and greens). I didn't get as far as you though. I love your rabbit. Isn't it funny how things just show up on your work surface and you think... where did that come from? I really enjoyed seeing all your steps. Most folks don't realize how many layers it takes to create that mysterious background!

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