Saturday, October 22, 2011

Project: completed...!

This week was the last, in the Penny Black Stamp project - which can be viewed here.
Sometimes i let the brief float around in my head - to see if i come up with an idea, sometimes i start sketching.
Or sometimes i just start 'doing'. This was a doing one.
I found a bit of paper with some blue + green painted on it.. I picked up a piece of card and dipped the edge into some paint and 'stamped' the vertical lines reminiscent of 'trunks'

I painted in the white lines and kept working over the top. Generally i was happy with the look. The theme for week 6 being: wood. (i started thinking of wood grain patterns - but ended up here).
Then i read that the dominant colour was: rose. A scan and a little photoshop adjustment and i decided to go with this:

Australia has some lovely scribbly barked gum trees - so thought i would add a little scribble...
So that's it. Always fun to 'force' yourself to do something a little different.. Here's the 6 projects:
They were not designed as a 'set' so i wasn't expecting them to work as a final group. Although had i spent oodles of time on it (and planning) - that would've been ideal!
I think my first one (the red stamp) is the weakest - perhaps because the number is so large? I'm quite fond of the Aboriginal styled one - as that is based on a google map of my neighbourhood.. Anyway, it was great to explore a different direction to each separate brief. On to to the next thing..

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