Monday, October 3, 2011

Holiday time..

So day one of a few days off.. who needs to sleep in, when i have the chance to attend a cushion making workshop at cloth fabric, in Surry Hills..? Let's just say there was a little shriek when i saw the email.
A small class and a generous scrap bag and we were all in heaven..

Fairly easy to be inspired in such a beautiful environment..

surrounded by lovely gorgeous things..

Interesting that although we all were working from the 'same pile' our cushions were all very individual, with Kate making the astute observation that our pieces were reflections of what we were wearing.. I was drawn to the greys - but thought i would freshen it up with a touch of aqua.. and acid olive..

Clever cloth, that they are, supplied the 'open' cushion covers with zips already in position.. so we could spend our time really enjoying cutting up strips and piecing our designs together..

It's always lovely to listen to the creative chat while everyone beavers away.. four hours later and a little overwhelmed by so many possible combinations, i left to finish it off at home..
Here's how my cushion ended up..

Whilst a little on the busy side.. (hard to resist such gorgeous scraps) i channeled some of my brain power into a couple of accessories - before my cushion really went over the top!

And well sometimes, more is just definitely... more!
Thanks to Julie (Ms Cloth) for such a fabulous opportunity.. sign up to their blog if you can get to Sydney for future workshops/events..

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julie (ms cloth) said...

The work looks great - you work so fast! Thanks for joining in and making such nice stuff from our old scraps.

x Julie


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